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Global Payments

With several products available, each designed with a unique purpose in mind, Intercash can develop a global payment solution tailored for your business. Each product is fully customizable so that you can maintain brand loyalty, while implementing a more efficient method for issuing payments around the world.

As one of the world’s leading provider of custom, white-label card programs, Intercash’s reloadable cards are perfect for recurring payments and for providing users with reliable access to their money.

Reloadable Cards

An everyday use card outdoing traditional banking

Funds are secured and accessible via the Mastercard and Visa networks

Over 30 million locations for spending and accessing cash

The debit card is an ideal product for e-money and e-wallet institutions, as well as small and medium-sized financial institutions that are not setup with the Mastercard or VISA scheme. Intercash is already integrated with several of the world’s core banking systems, and can provide a full turnkey solution for your debit card program.

Debit Cards

Allows cardholders to make payments that are debited directly from their bank account

Receive real-time authorization messages to authenticate transactions

Readily accepted at millions of locations around the world

Can be fully integrated with majority of core banking platforms

In today’s fast-paced, increasingly digital world, Intercash understands the importance of instant satisfaction. A virtual card consists of a randomly generated 16-digit number, coupled with an expiry date and a specific load amount. With our virtual card platform, we enable our clients with access to instant virtual card-issuing capabilities.

Virtual Cards

A more efficient method for quick online payments

Card numbers can be locked down to a specific amount and time limit

You can manage existing card numbers and request new ones from anywhere

Single-load prepaid gift cards are perfect for product rebates, client incentives and employee rewards. Purchase a bulk of gift cards with a simplistic back-office to manage issuance or simply design a custom program to offer customers a convenient gift-giving platform that can be used anywhere Mastercard or Visa is accepted.

Gift Cards

Increase sales by ensuring customers will return to use the full value of their card

Boost brand awareness with a customized card design

Can be used as an employee rewards program that is easy to manage

Intercash offers a full range of customized wearable NFC devices, enabling clients to design their own product concepts while we manage the entire payment aspect, production, delivery and operations from A-Z. Intercash can create bespoke wearable devices with full payment and NFC capacity for your business.

Wearable Devices

Several options available, including rings, bracelets, clothing, accessories, and more

Reduce cash management by using wearable technology for events, festivals, stadiums, transport, etc.

Add non-secure information elements to the device (i.e. Ticketing Access)

Fully customizable

Reloadable Cards

Debit Cards

Global Bank Transfers

Virtual Cards

Gift Cards

Cashback Cards

Wearable Devices

With the ability to make real-time payments to users on a global scale, Intercash allows users to transfer their funds to a bank account in over 80 countries around the world.

Global Bank Transfers

Convert funds into the local currency with real-time FX rates

Transfer funds directly to bank accounts in over 80 countries

Add multiple beneficiaries for sending payments globally

The Intercash platform and our white-label card programs come equipped with an extensive cardholder cash-back module. Intercash can input any contracted retailers globally, and provide cardholders with a cashback incentive on all purchases made at specifically selected locations.

Cashback Cards

A completely automated process for periodic disbursements to cardholders

Complete reporting for retailer reconciliation and cardholder cash back statements​

Increase sales by incentivizing customers to make additional purchases

Want to learn how Intercash’s global payment solutions can help your business?

Contact us today to speak with an Intercash Account Executive.

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