Industry Solutions

With a variety of global solutions available, Intercash can support the payment needs of any industry. All of our products are customizable, and can be tailored for any specific vertical or business model. Whether you are consumer-facing or dealing with other businesses or professionals, Intercash is here to help. 

Global financial institutions can now add a full card-issuing capacity to their client accounts, enabling their corporate and consumer clients to access their funds held with the bank in real time via the Mastercard or VISA network and Visa is accepted. 


Financial Institutions

Clients can integrate our Mastercard or Visa card-issuing platform into their core banking system and enable their clients to spend funds drawn directly from their account balance held in the bank, just like a debit card.

​Cardholders can use their card in over 30 million locations worldwide, wherever Mastercard and Visa is accepted.

Reloadable cards are an ideal corporate payment tool for employee expenses including everything from fuel cards, lunch vouchers, worldwide travel expense cards in multiple currencies or any unique requirements for corporate expenses. Whether virtual, plastic, or gift card, employee and office expenses are traceable and more secure with Intercash.

Corporate Expenses

Intercash supplies the complete card-issuing and expense management system allowing for transparent access to all spend reporting via the PrepaidGate® platform.

Less time spent worrying about the inefficiencies surrounding accounting for transactions and employee dissatisfaction for being temporarily out of pocket for expenses. 

In an effort to advance the world of healthcare, billions of dollars are spent every year on clinical trials and medical surveys. Intercash has developed a product specialized in ensuring healthcare studies have the appropriate means for disbursing compensation, per diems and expenses to participants on a global scale, in real-time, and all from one integrated system.

Medical Studies

Our expense management platform can act as a standalone payment engine, pushing mass payments to participants around the world, or it can be fully integrated into our client’s core data management system.

​Ideal for streamlining global payments all from one place, with an extensive reporting module that can be pulled in order to breakdown payments per study, per region, per period, and much more.

Intercash provides a variety of global payroll solutions for small, medium and large global enterprises. We can offer companies the ability to globally issue prepaid Mastercard or VISA cards directly to each employee or contractor and manage their payroll through a centralized platform to make real time payments to the cards.

Global Payroll

Saves time and money from issuing checks, especially when dealing with international payments where cashing those checks can be onerous.

Employees will be able to manage and track all their personal spending through a full online banking application.

With a massive growth in the fintech space year over year, the essence of the industry growth is to create technology engines that make payments more efficient and people’s money more accessible. Intercash offers a fully integrated solution to any Fin tech platform in order to add a payment card and the ability to access funds over the Mastercard and VISA networks.

Fintech Platforms

Ability to integrate unlimited card-issuing into your financial platform. We help build and integrate the concept and customize special products to ensure it fits any innovative product goals. 

Our dynamic platform allows fintech companies, both startups and giant alike, to make their payments more efficient and funds more accessible to clients.

Intercash can help provide global card programs to service the payment needs of media buyers and affiliate networks. We can supply a turnkey solution to manage online payments, and deliver increased purchasing power, while also providing robust financial reporting for thorough data analysis and reconciliation.

Digital Media

The ability to issue virtual cards in real-time allows media buyers to produce unlimited virtual accounts for their various clients, campaigns and platforms.

With multiple sub-account setups available, our clients can create multiple accounts to better manage advertising platform restrictions.

Intercash offers a wide range of services to worldwide government organizations enabling them to more efficiently distribute mass payments for social benefits, tax reimbursements, disability and unemployment to citizens with or without a bank account.

Government Disbursements

In addition to being a great solution for streamlining payments and cutting government costs, it is also an effective method for distributing funds to non-banked qualified individuals.

Allows clients to manage all payments from one system. With Intercash’s ability to manage mass payments at very high bandwidth, citizens are assured of getting the money they need on time, wherever they are in the world.

With a global payment solution encompassing bank transfers and prepaid card issuance from Intercash, marketplace businesses benefit from a turnkey solution for managing all of their global payment needs. This end-to-end service is fully customizable and can provide a better experience for freelancers and vendors, while creating a more efficient process for the business.

Marketplace & Freelance

Designed to support marketplace businesses and allow them to facilitate global payments in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Convenient solution for freelancers and marketplace employees, who can use funds placed on card for purchases with retail and e-commerce businesses throughout the world.

Supporting the payment needs of

Offer clients an adapted product for cashing out from foreign exchange trading accounts or for receiving travel currencies and spending securely while on vacation. Intercash provides card-issuing in more than 10 currencies including USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, PLN, CHF and MXN.

Foreign Exchange

Ideal solution for foreign currency and travel cash. With global accessibility via Mastercard and VISA networks, you can offer clients a more secure and convenient way to travel.

Ability to integrate a prepaid Mastercard or VISA into FX trader accounts, enabling global real-time payouts from trading profits. 

Intercash understands the difficulties in the jobs of wealth management firms, money managers, and financial advisory firms. Intercash products are an excellent way of giving global investors quick access to cash, dividends, payouts, profits, or investment liquidation.

Wealth Management

Issue cards globally and utilize the convenience of the Intercash platform to make real-time payments to clients.

Whether for small or large investment institutions, adding an additional payment service will add tremendous convenience and enable the gain of incremental revenues.

Intercash provides a prepaid card solution for companies to offer rewards to its employees, partners, or clients for great performance or repeated loyalty. We provide a great platform to manage incentives through a one stop-shop system.

Employee & Customer Loyalty

Intercash can supply various levels of turnkey prepaid card programs for providing cash-back and client rewards, enabling companies to execute payments with a traceable, manageable and cost effective solution.

With a customizable card design available for all products, companies can increase brand recognition and loyalty with their clients and/or employees.