Founded in 1999, Intercash is a global financial-technology company that specializes in payment management and services, with a particular focus in the card-issuing vertical. We partner with financial institutions, corporations and SMB’s from around the world, in order to optimize their payment capabilities with our state-of-the-art proprietary banking technology and management services. We typically supply a full turnkey solution and assist with all the technology and services needed to manage card-issuing as an end-to-end service.  


Over the years, Intercash has developed and perfected our card-issuing and management platform, called PrepaidGate; an elaborate back-office tool that enables clients to independently control card-issuing and card loading, manage individual cardholders, produce the necessary reporting for financial reconciliation, and much more. As a business, we prioritize technology, innovation and forward-thinking, while continuing to grow and expand our operations in countries throughout the world.  



The Intercash Group

Our History

With a corporate history spanning over 20 years, Intercash is one of the most experienced and well-respected providers of global payment solutions. The company has grown in leaps and bounds over the years, while maintaining a consistent focus on innovation and technology.

Intercash Over the Years