To illustrate the capacity at which Intercash is able to service its merchants and provide a state of the art payment product in an extremely volatile industry, this case study describes an integration to the largest casino software provider in the world, Playtech. As Intercash makes its move to expand globally and be at the very height of excellence as a payment provider in the online gaming industry, it is inferred that the finest, most successful companies must offer the best and finest products and services.


The Challenge

An increasing number of gaming players do not wish to have any association with gaming on their credit card or banking statement. this gives rise to the necessity for alternative payments. in addition to the reluctance that players have of gaming transactions appearing on their statements, there are many willing gaming participants who do not even have bank accounts or credit cards to begin with. the initial response to this consumer demand was to create e-wallets which are still quite popular. However, e-wallets restrict the consumers money to a dedicated online account only, and funds cannot be immediately accessed for spending in physical locations. The solution also provides a perfect AML monitoring and KYC enhancement to their platform, therefore eliminating any concerns when dealing with alternative payment solutions.

The Solution

Intercash dedicates continuous efforts to ensure that their payment solution is integrated to the largest gaming providers in the industry. In January of 2012 Intercash finalized its paramount partnership by completing the integration to the Playtech casino gaming platform as well as part of their turnkey solutions gateway. Now, operators who license the software have access to the intercash prepaid payment method with no further technical integration efforts. As well, operators who use Playtechs’ turnkey solutions also have access to offer their players the Intercash prepaid payment method with no additional technical efforts.

The Results

The result of this integration gives all Playtech gaming software operators direct access to the prepaid card payment solution without having to dedicate any IT resources to its inception. Additionally, it enhanced their sales efforts to provide a more seamless and efficient solution for its clients and increase their overall capacity.