The Challenge

Fleximize was seeking an effective and innovative payment solution to issue corporate loans to their business clients.

The Solution

A prepaid Mastercard® for small-medium sized businesses to receive their corporate loan, where the company and it's employees can use their funds anywhere where Mastercard® is accepted. Each business can decide how much money to load to each card and request additional cards for their employees expenses.

The Results

Fleximize is now able to manage their corporate loan distribution by issuing them directly onto their Flexipay Mastercard®, enabling greater flexibility and instant/worldwide access to the funds.

Fleximize was very eager to introduce such an innovative and added value product that greatly complimented their existing business model. Small businesses that are not able to receive credit are now able to utilize their Felxipay card to manage and pay for all their day to day business expenses. In addition, anytime small businesses are in need of emergency funds, once approved, they can be loaded directly and instantaneously onto the clients FlexiPay card. Additionally, they are now equipped with a very efficient employee expense payment tool.