The Challenge

GoodYear® was seeking a solution to give customer rebates without downgrading their product placement or pricing perception while creating an exciting opportunity for loyal clients to receive a cash back reward for purchasing GoodYear® tires as opposed to other competing brands.When it comes to cash rebates, the headaches of managing cash can become a nightmare and GoodYear® and KwikFit required a solution that ultimately facilitated this cash management approach.​

The Solution

Following a clients in-store purchase, a Mastercard® card is mailed to the clients with their cash back reward loaded onto their prepaid card. The card can be used anywhere that Mastercard® is accepted without any fees or penalties for redeeming their reward

The Results

GoodYear® is now able to manage their cash-back program more efficiently through their own branded prepaid Mastercard® card. Having their brand exposed to their clients all while enjoying and spending that reward led to an increase in brand loyalty and optimized the way they deliver their rebates to their loyal customers.