The Challenge

GoldMoney® was looking to add value to their users by increasing their overall customer experience. They wanted to decrease the lead time to the access of funds when their users transfer their gold assets into foreign currency. They ultimately wanted their users to use their gold backed account as if it were a regular bank account.

The Solution

A prepaid card that will enable GoldMoney® users to transfer the value of their gold directly and instantaneously on their prepaid card, in addition to transferring in and out of their gold based account. 

The Results

As a technologically advanced company, introducing such an innovative product and system, it fit directly into their existing platform and met and exceeded all of GoldMoney's standards and expectations. Users are now able to transfer their gold assets into foreign currency within seconds, giving them the ability and convenience to access their funds for use of spend anytime and anywhere Mastercard® is accepted. Every cardholder is now able to use their gold backed base accounts similar to a traditional bank account.