Reloadable Prepaid Card

Perfect for recurring payments and for providing users with reliable access to their money

An everyday use card outdoing traditional banking

Funds are secured and accessible via the Mastercard and Visa network

Over 30 million Locations for spending and accessing cash

Virtual Prepaid Cards

In today’s fast-paced, increasingly online world, Intercash understands the importance of instant satisfaction. With a virtual card platform we enable instant virtual card issuing.

Gift Card

Intercash All-In-One Gift & Incentive Platform

Single load prepaid gift cards are perfect for product rebates, client incentives and employee rewards. Purchase a bulk of gift cards with a simplistic back-office to manage issuance or simply design a custom program to offer customers a convenient gift-giving platform that can be used anywhere Mastercard or Visa is accepted.

Cash Back Platform

The Intercash platform and white label programs come equipped with an extensive cardholder cash-back module. Intercash can input any contracted retailers globally, and offer cardholders a cash back on all purchases made at specifically selected retailers. 

A completely automated process for periodic disbursements to cardholders​

Complete reporting for retailer reconciliation and cardholder cash back statements​

Contactless Products

Intercash offers a full range of custom wearable NFC products enabling clients to design their own product concepts  while we manage the whole payment aspect, production, delivery and operations from A-Z

Create bespoke wearable devices with full payment and NFC capacity

Rings, bracelets, clothing, accessories, and much more...

Utilize wearables for events, festivals, stadiums, transport, and reduce cash management

Add non-secure information elements to the device (i.e Ticketing Access)

Your Prepaid Product

We are dedicated to offering and creating the right prepaid card product and program to perfectly fit any unique business idea. Whether it be a simplistic payment product or an elaborate innovation for payments, we can customize, develop, and white label a program to bring the idea to a reality. Contact us today to get your card program off the ground!


Intercash cards are issued by various issuing banks pursuant to licenses by MasterCard International Incorporated and Visa International Incorporated. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Incorporated.

Intercash is an approved Program Manager and registered service provider of Mastercard and Visa. "All transfers of funds are processed by Intercash partner financial institutions using the certified  "PrepaidGate" technology. 


Funds may be processed via other regulated 3rd parties and services may be carried out via the groups subsidiaries and related group of companies including Intercash Prepaid Limited, Complete Solutions Limited, Complete Solution Payments Inc.

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