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Intercash Presents at 2023 FintechNorth Conference

Intercash's Lucy Mounter presenting at FintechNorth 2023
Intercash's Lucy Mounter presenting at FintechNorth 2023

August 8, 2023 - In the heart of Newcastle, where northeast England’s historic bridges meet the city’s modern skyline, a dynamic convergence of financial innovation and technological prowess recently took place. As your trusted partner in global payment solutions, Intercash was in attendance, proudly participating in the 2023 FintechNorth Conference.

This highly anticipated event brought together industry leaders, experts and enthusiasts from the Northeast to explore the latest trends, breakthroughs and challenges shaping the future of finance and technology throughout the region.

In addition to Intercash hosting an exclusive Pre-Conference Networking Get-Together for the event’s sponsors, our very own Senior Business Development Executive, Lucy Mounter, spoke at the event.

I was delighted and inspired to bring Intercash in to participate in what was an exceptional line up of leaders, innovators and game-changers in the Fintech industry, all with the same goal; to promote and strengthen exposure of Fintech in the North of UK” said Mounter.

As we reflect on our invigorating experience at the conference, we're thrilled to share some of the highlights that left us inspired, informed and ready to propel Fintech forward in the Northeast region and beyond.

Looking back at some of the content that was presented during the event, here are Lucy’s favourite quotes delivered by the other speakers:

Rebekah O’Connor, Head of FinTech, Department for Business and Trade

DBT Promotes the best of Fintech’s in the UK, including in the Northeast”.

“One of our key ambitions is for DBT to continue to attract to the UK the most innovative fintech companies from around the world.”

Ezechi Britton MBE, CEO of CFIT

CFIT Brings UK National Fintech clusters together to learn and innovate”.

“Leveraging the best initiatives CFIT is innovation through collaboration as Fintech in UK is Unique – and not just in London.

Matt Lowe, Manager of the Innovation Lab, FCA

The Digital FCA Sandbox enables the Fintech community to come together to learn, create and develop new solutions. Fintech companies can also utilise assets they may not have had access to be before such as; funding, advisory, mentorship and the FCA”.

Grant Johnstone, Global Head – Government Engagement & Sales, Mastercard

We are helping to build economies in a more inclusive and sustainable way. It’s really about bringing society along together as a holistic society, so as not to leave any body behind.

Stephen Kevan, NED and Board Advisor

For the entrepreneurs that exist in the Northeast, FinPact is about giving them the strongest eco-system environment so that they can build and grow their businesses.

According to a recent report from Whitecap Consulting, the Fintech industry is projected to contribute more than £430 million to the Northeast region’s economy by 2025. Fintechs also support the local community by creating new jobs, with an estimated 2,000 new jobs expected over that time. This great event was able to accelerate those results, connecting passionate professionals and several prominent Fintech organizations.

As a provider of both global and local payment solutions, Intercash is proud to support the needs of Fintechs in the region, as well as countless other industries around the world. With customizable payment tools and the ability to develop white-label card programs, contact Intercash today to learn more about we can provide your business with a true global solution.


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