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Intercash Supports Video Game Company, Ascendance Games

June 2, 2021 - Winning points in a video game is always fun, but when those points can be redeemed for real money and loaded onto a prepaid card; that’s when the real fun begins! With Intercash’s customized payment solutions, this incredible gaming feature will soon be available for all players of Canadian video game company, Ascendance Games.

The team at Intercash is proud to be working with this new client and we have all the experience necessary to support the growing industry of online gaming. As a B2C business, Ascendance Games required a payment solution that was not only efficient and easy to manage, but it also needed a simple user experience to provide players with convenient access to their funds. To address all of these concerns, we developed a customized payment solution that checks all of these boxes; managing the program is easy with the PrepaidGate, Intercash’s back-office platform, and gamers enjoy a seamless experience with the help of our white-labelled online banking portal.

Specializing in online multiplayer PC games, Ascendance Games pits players against each other in a massive online battle. Players earn points when winning battles and in-game tournaments, which can then be used to redeem in-game items such as player skins, weapons and more. With the support of Intercash, Ascendance Games will now be able to set itself apart from the competition by issuing virtual prepaid card to its players and allowing them to redeem their points for real cash, loaded directly onto their card!

Since all of the multiplayer action in Ascendance Games takes place online, we developed a virtual prepaid card program that provides players with instant access to their money. Functioning just like a plastic card, these virtual prepaid cards are issued instantly and consist of a unique 16-digit number that is delivered to players directly via email. Using our full suite of APIs, Ascendance Games players will have the ability to redeem in-game points for real cash loaded directly on to their virtual prepaid card account. With this game-changing option, players can enjoy the use of their virtual card to make purchases at millions of locations around the world.

With the versatility and technical expertise to support nearly any vertical, Intercash is able to manage all of the payment needs for this gaming industry client. As point-based games and e-gaming events require countless payouts and big cash prizes every month, our experience and cutting-edge technology can help gaming companies develop the perfect payment solution. With over 20 years in the payment space and experience with countless industries, contact us today to discover how we can support your company’s payment needs.


The Intercash Team


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