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The Gold Card: Luxury & Distinction

Q&A with Intercash Head of Operations, Adamo Colella

The Gold Card

January 19, 2024 - As a leader in custom and white-label card-issuing programs, Intercash is constantly pushing the boundaries of convenience and performance. In today’s ever-evolving landscape of global payment solutions, we’re thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of our latest innovation: The Gold Card.

For most cardholders, the main attraction to metallic cards is what’s known as the ‘plunk factor’. Whether you’re taking clients out for a nice dinner or purchasing a big-ticket item, the Gold Card has a certain heft not found with plastic cards. Once reserved for the ultra-wealthy, it’s now available to anyone in the market for a card program.


With this unique VISA product, Intercash has set a new standard for luxury, durability and cutting-edge technology. To dive deeper into the fascinating journey behind the launch of this eye-catching card type, we sat down with Intercash’s Head of Operations, Adamo Colella. In this article, Adamo will share his firsthand insights into the development process and examine the unique features of the Gold Card.


Q: What inspired you to create this gold-plated card product?

A: Intercash is always on the lookout for unique and enhanced products for our clients. The Gold Card was designed for those looking to make an impression, as it offers a premium and luxurious feel for cardholders. This makes it the perfect solution for Intercash’s elite clients, ranging from VIPs and C-Suite employees to simple precious metal lovers.


Upon gathering feedback from our clients, the business decision to add this prestigious product offering to our portfolio was a no brainer. Holding and using a metal card for the first time gives an immediate feel of achievement, empowering our cardholders and helping build the brands of our clients and their employees.


Q: What are the key differences between the Gold Card and standard plastic cards?

A: The Gold Card functions just like any other VISA card, offering the same convenience and security as Intercash’s other card products. The key difference lies in the card’s weight; a standard plastic card weighs approximately 5 grams, whereas the Gold Card weighs in at a hefty 22 grams. The additional weight delivers a surprisingly luxurious feel to the world of payments.


Q: How long did it take to develop the finished product?

A: Spurred by client demand, the Gold Card was in development for the better part of a year, covering the key phases of design, build and implementation. During the design phase, meticulous market research and client input shaped the card's features. The build phase saw our skilled team translating concepts into a refined, functional product through rigorous testing.

Finally, the implementation phase involved a carefully orchestrated rollout, emphasizing the Gold Card's unique value propositions. This comprehensive process reflects our commitment to delivering an innovative product that consistently exceeds client expectations.


Q: Can you walk us through the development process for such a unique card product?

A: Developing our unique Gold Card required a meticulous process. Following internal approval, the first step was to get full approval from our issuer and scheme. From there, our team was hard at work developing the final product, including a unique chip profile built from scratch.


There was also rigorous end-to-end testing with both sample and live cards to ensure seamless functionality at POS terminals and ATMs. This comprehensive journey ensures the Gold Card meets all industry standards, delivering a luxurious, yet reliable experience for high-valued clients.


Q: How did you go about testing and refining the product before launch?

A: This is standard are for any new product launched by Intercash; we must go through full end-to-end testing, both internally and externally. It’s critical that we ensure all setting are correct on our end and cards can be issued correctly.


We also need to ensure the processor sends correct data to the printer, who must then produce the card correctly, including all of the embossing elements. Finally, we conduct live testing at POS terminals and ATMs to confirm transactions are successful.


Q: What has been the response from clients since launching the Gold Card?

A: The response to the Gold Card has been extremely positive so far, with many orders coming in over the first few months from a variety of industries. We’ve also been able to offer these cards to our existing clients, which has allowed their programs to expand products in a timely and efficient manner.


Q: How do you see the Gold Card fitting into Intercash’s overall product offering?

A: By adding the Gold Card to our collection of card products, we now have a high-end option for those looking to make an impression. With this unique card product now readily available, clients can launch a Gold Card program quickly and easily. This can be as a stand-alone solution or in combination with one of the many other existing Intercash products (Reloadable Cards, Virtual Cards, Gift Cards, Wearables, etc.)



As you can gather from the answers above, the development of Intercash’s Gold Card was a meticulous journey spanning many months and included a collaborative effort from a number of key stakeholders. The end result is an innovative and luxurious payment product that’s guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

Contact Intercash today to learn more about the Gold Card or any of our other custom payment solutions, designed to suit the unique needs of your business.


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