Corporate Expenses

Prepaid cards are an ideal corporate payment tool for employee expenses including everything from: fuel cards, lunch vouchers, worldwide travel expense cards in multiple currencies or any unique requirements for corporate expenses. Whether virtual, plastic, gift or instant issue cards, employee and office expenses are more secure and traceable with Intercash.

Global Payroll

Intercash, today provides a variety of global payroll solutions for small, medium and large global enterprises. Intercash provides the ability for companies to globally issue prepaid Mastercard or Visa cards directly to each employee or contractor and manage their payroll through one centralized platform to make real time payments to the cards.


Offer clients an adapted product for cashing out from foreign exchange trading accounts or for receiving travel currencies and spending securely while on vacation. Intercash provides card issuing in more than ten currencies including USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, PLN, CHF, MXN, and more…

Financial Institution Cards

Global financial institutions can now add a full card issuing capacity to their client accounts enabling their corporate and consumer clients to access their funds held with the bank in real time via the Mastercard or Visa network, with two options:

Medical Studies

In an effort to advance the world of healthcare, billions of dollars are spent every on clinical trials and medical surveys. Intercash has developed a product specialized in ensuring healthcare studies have the appropriate means for disbursing compensation to participants on a global scale, in real-time, and all from one integrated system.

Employee Incentive & Customer Loyalty

Intercash provides a prepaid card solution for companies to offer rewards to its employees, partners, or clients for great performance or repeated loyalty. We provide a great platform to manage incentives to employees through a one stop-shop system.

Fin Tech Platforms

With a massive growth in the Fin tech space year over year, the essence of the industry growth is to create technology engines that make payments more efficient and people’s money more accessible. Intercash offers a fully integrated solution to any Fin tech platform in order to add a payment card and the ability to access funds over the Mastercard and Visa network.

Government Disbursements

Intercash offers a wide range of services to worldwide government organizations enabling them to more efficiently distribute mass payments for social benefits, tax reimbursements, disability, unemployment to citizens with or without a bank account. 

Wealth Management

With an expertise in the financial sector Intercash understands the difficulties in the jobs of wealth management firms, money managers, and financial advisory firms. Intercash products are an excellent way of giving global Investors quick access to cash, dividends, payouts, profits, or investment liquidation.

Your Industry

Whatever Industry or line of business, Intercash has a product that can be used, developed, or tailored to suit any companies payment requirements.  The Intercash technology is agnostic to region, industry, size, currency or any demographic. We work with our client's teams to design the product that works for them and ensure the concept is operational and optimized in the quickest time frame possible.

Intercash cards are issued by various issuing banks pursuant to licenses by MasterCard International Incorporated and Visa International Incorporated. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Incorporated.

Intercash is an approved Program Manager and registered service provider of Mastercard and Visa. "All transfers of funds are processed by Intercash partner financial institutions using the certified  "PrepaidGate" technology. 


Funds may be processed via other regulated 3rd parties and services may be carried out via the groups subsidiaries and related group of companies including Intercash Prepaid Limited, Complete Solutions Limited, Complete Solution Payments Inc.

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