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Intercash Supports Media Buying Industry

June 25, 2020 - As the world progresses further into the digital age, online media buying has become an increasingly prominent industry. While digital platforms like Facebook, Bing and Taboola are effective marketing tools, they often require a card-based payment method. Additionally, media buyers generally need multiple card accounts to run numerous advertising campaigns simultaneously. As an expert and preferred partner of many companies in the digital media space, Intercash provides an efficient payment solution that is designed to suit the needs of your media buying business.

With over two decades of experience, Intercash leverages our extensive knowledge of global card-issuing, and has become the go-to provider regarding digital media purchasing. We specialize in providing global card-issuing programs to service the payment needs of media buyers and affiliate networks, while supplying them with a turn-key solution to instantly issue virtual cards, manage online payments and deliver increased purchasing power.

Intercash has partnered with hundreds of digital marketing companies that focus on running targeted ad campaigns via social media platforms. By partnering with Intercash, our media-buying clients are able to develop a customized payment solution for all of their advertising platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Bing, Outbrain, Traffic Factory and many others.

Leveraging Intercash’s Virtual Card product, our clients in the media buying space can:

  • Issue virtual card accounts and load/debit funds in real-time

  • Grow online purchasing power across all advertising platforms

  • Isolate card accounts for specific campaigns or clients

  • Implement pre-mandated budgets for each unique card account

  • Generate transaction Reports to help facilitate revenue reconciliation

With access to PrepaidGate®, Intercash’s proprietary card-management platform, our clients have a centralized back office that is both efficient and cost-effective. This system is fully integrated to all partners and providers within the issuing chain, allowing Intercash to manage the complex issuing components behind the scenes and leaving our clients to focus on the growth of their business.

We are pleased to support the payment needs of media buyers around the world and add to our expanding portfolio of clients in the media buying vertical. If you would like to learn more about Intercash card programs or discuss global payment solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business, contact us today!


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